Caring For Rabbits

Cute and cuddly, Rabbits are good-natured pets. They need a cage big enough to play in with separate areas for litter and feeding, plenty of exercise, socialization, and a healthy diet to have happy and thriving lives. Rabbits do not require baths but will need regular brushing and monthly nail trims. 

It’s highly recommended you have your rabbit spayed or neutered: notoriously big breeders, rabbits can potentially give birth once a month, carry two litters at the same time, and can produce one to twelve bunnies per litter. Spaying or neutering has multiple benefits including protecting your pet from different types of cancer, reducing or eliminating aggressive behaviour, and curbing other bad habits such as spraying, mounting, chewing, and biting. 

Rabbits are prone to certain diseases and conditions, such as overgrown teeth, hairballs, parasites, and cancer. They also tend to hide signs of illness or pain. Symptoms that may be a cause for concern include discharge from eyes or nose, runny stool, fever, drooling, scratching at ears, starts tilting their head, or developing bald patches in their fur. 

You’ll also want to book your rabbit in for regular dental check-ups, as dental conditions can crop up.